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Windows Pro RTM XX86 Bit ISO English With Activation Download · Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster · RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (bit) or 2. Windows Home Pro X64 ISO OEM Jan Download Latest OEM RTM version. It is Full Bootable ISO Image of Windows Home Pro 64 Bit ISO. Another product keys can be used to install the Core. With these product keys, Windows 8 Pro can be installed and run properly, but cannot be activated properly.



Windows 8. You can download bit x86 or bit x64 version of any Windows 8. Once you select the required details, it asks you whether you want to create a bootable USB flash drive of Windows 8. You should select the 2nd option to save ISO file. The Windows 8.

Head over to the official Microsoft link to download Windows 8. More about Windows 8. Download Windows 8. Ukrainian Version of Windows 8. Get the Final Version of Microsoft Windows 8. Free direct link by PcHippo. Untouched full version ISO bit. Windows 8 users can free upgrade to Windows 8.

You can download Windows 8. After Windows 8. Save the iso file on your PC. Here you can choose any color that you like. The color that you want here is the theme that your system OS will use after selecting the color. Give your PC a name cause your PC deserves a name. Any name of your choice. Click on next. The next page will show settings here; you have two options either to use ‘ express settings ‘ or to ‘ customize ‘ your settings.

I would recommend you use the express settings as customizing the setting will take a lot of time, and it is unnecessary. Well, it is your computer. If you want to customize and spend more time with your computer, please go ahead. But if you are willing to customize your settings. I am here to help you here too. Click on customize settings.

The next page will appear as about internet connection click on ‘yes’ if it’s for home. If it’s somewhere else other than home, then do what is necessary. Then click on next. The next page is about updates to the PC. I would recommend checking everything and click on next. The following setting is about the solutions check by windows. Do the necessary and click Next.

A recommendation is to keep the same and not change anything. The next setting is sharing the information with Microsoft for better usage in the future.

Select whatever you want to share. And click on next. After clicking next. The next page is about setting up a Microsoft account. Either create a new account or if you already have an account, then type those in. And follow-through. After creating an account, a SkyDrive setting pops up. Now all the things that you just set up with get started.

Wait for a while. After finalizing your setup. The operating system is good to go. And is ready to serve its purpose. The primary lock will appear. Click on the lock screen wallpaper and then type in your password. And your Windows 8 is up and running. Congrats, you have done it. Download the Windows 8 ISO file from the given link below Download you must buy windows 8 to keep it authentic and to get regular updates.

You can do so by. Go to the windows Iso file. Right-click on the file. And click on ‘ burn disc image. If you are using a lower version of windows. Right-click on the Windows 8 ISO file and click on ‘ open with. After burning the disc, open the DVD drive and click on setup.

Then you get a window popped up, click on ‘ yes. Once the setup gets initialized. A window pops up about essential updates. Click on ‘ Download and install the update.

Cause it will speed up the installation. Once’s windows are installed you can update your windows. And type in the product key that you got while buying the windows product.

The accept the ‘ license and agreement ‘ and click on accept. Now the tricky part is to either forgo all the files you had in your previous Windows operating system or to keep your personal files.

A recommendation is to click on ‘keep personal files only,’ then click on next. Now we wait while the system gets ready to install the new windows 8. If you are upgrading, a prompt will show that you need to choose the languages again while setting up windows 8. Click ok. Click on the install and take a walk. The installation is a slow process depending on the type of system you are using. It usually takes half-an-hour to one hour, maybe more.

The rest of the step is about personalizing your windows. Well, it’s your computer. The next page will appear about internet connection click on ‘ yes ‘ if it’s for home. If it is for work or somewhere else other than home, do what is necessary. After finalizing your set up. Congrats, you have successfully upgraded your Windows 8 on your desktop or laptop. To do this. On the start, menu type in PC. And right-click on ‘ This PC. Then click on ‘ Disk management.

Click and press on ‘shrink volume. Then right-click on the new shrunk volume and press on simple volume. On the next tab. I would highly recommend you to name your volume label as it will be easier for you to know in what storage thee operating the software is installed. Then click on the finish. The volume will start to format and get your storage device ready. Insert your bootable drive and shut down your computer. Your BIOS will open.

From there then go to the boot menu. Go down to the USB drive or CD drive and bring it on top of other menus as it will prioritize everything. Then press F10 and click enter.

Your system will pretty much start booting from the CD or USB as windows 8 will start getting installed. After typing in your product key. A window will pop up about where should the new operating system be installed in.

Click on custom and then click on the volume that you new assorted for windows 8 installation. Now to windows will get installed entirely. After windows 8 gets installed, and the page will appear on the screen asking to choose which operating system to choose from click on windows 8 just to make sure that Windows 8 is completed it booting and setting up.

Once the booting is done windows 8 will start to run. Now, if you want to run your personal computer on other operating systems, all you have to do is restart your computer. Every time you power on or restart your computer.