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Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. EMBED for wordpress. On the plus side you don’t need a graphics accelerator card to play it. Though considerate to those select few who still run their PCs with some kind of medieval configuration, it’s basically a hollow gesture for the rest of us who were forced into that essential hardware purchase years ago.

You have to say more was expected in terms of scale too. The AT-ATs are much smaller than they should be compared to stormtroopers and other ground units. There are also no Imperial Star Destroyers, and you can only assume this is in part due to the scale problems such a gigantic spaceship would create.

The similarity of some units most notably droid workers and droid troopers is a more serious flaw. Using a magnifying glass to work out who’s got a gun and who’s got a plum can take up valuable seconds on the battlefield. If you’re sensible you’ll assign your troopers to squadrons before you send them into battle.

You’ll then make use of the rudimentary behavioural commands and hopefully avoid any drag-and-grab calamities. As you would imagine there are no problems with the sound.

The Star Wars theme races along whenever it gets the opportunity and the thousands of voice samples a mixture of original and acted add atmosphere as well as a few unintentional laughs. Darth Vader gets all the best lines of course. At one point he throttles a particularly dense officer to death for misunderstanding orders and then icily asks: “Does that make things any clearer for you?

GB closely tracks major characters and scenes from all tour Star Wars films: Han, Chewie, Luke and all the traditional favourites are there. LucasArts has also managed to squeeze in some original missions of their own creation. The resulting mix is a pleasant blend of ‘fact’ and ‘fiction’. As well as reliving the exhilarating Battle of Hoth you can enjoy a more rustic experience in the company of Wookiees – an experience that can only be described as ‘velvety with a hint of figs’.

Each campaign contains around seven varying missions. Subtler missions such as escorting Naboo’s Nibian bombers with a squadron of N1 – starfighters or finding five animals for a Gungan feast sit comfortably alongside the usual fare of resource-collecting and base-building. Add to this the hugely atmospheric ground battles such as the aforementioned scrap on Hoth, as well as the Gungans climatic ruck versus the Trade Federation on Naboo and you’ve got some fairly interesting scenarios to deal with.

Those with astute eyesight may even notice the larger than necessary gap on the campaign menu screen between Episode I The Phantom Menace? Galactic Battlegrounds is unlikely to win any awards for originality, but that’s not what this game is about.

GPs strength lies in its tried-and-tested gameplay. Throwing in a scenario and map editor for good measure is also sure to add to the multiplayer side of things, as well as improve the longevity in general. It’s also a coup for Star Wars anoraks; if you ever wanted to recreate the Deathstar or pitch an army of Sith against an army of Jedi and we know you’re out there now is your chance.

Galactic Battlegrounds GB is the junction of two successful entertainment franchises, one for the PC and one for silver screen. You, the player, will also be happy because you’re getting the stability of an established mature game engine and a lush science fiction universe that has become a part of modern folklore. As each community improves builds certain structures and accumulates resources like food and wood the civilization “graduates” to the next of four ages where more advanced structures and units are available.

And for those who may have been encased in carbonite a fate that befalls Han Solo for the past 25 years, Star Wars is a little series of space swashbuckler films cooked up by one George Lucas, founder of LucasArts, the makers of this game.

Instead of Greeks, Romans or Persians, etc. Along the way are some of the incidental races, like the Jawas and the Tuskan Raiders, which inhabit the landscape and harass your forces. Units, equipment, structures and abilities improve as you graduate through the levels. Star Wars initiates will notice just a few minor gaps. Where’s Jabba the Hutt? Where’s that ol’ Death Star? But there’s more than enough Star Wars unit action to satisfy the most devoted fan. Like the parent series, this software offers numerous styles and options of play.

You can choose a random game and base the map on some standard type or choose a Star wars locale terrain, such as the ice planet Hoth or the desert planet Tatooine.

And there are six linked campaigns. These are groups of pre-built scenarios. You move to the later scenarios after achieving the victory conditions set forth in the previous one.

The campaigns trace out narratives such as Darth Vader’s search for the rebels or the subjugation of Naboo. Controls and interface are exactly the same as the AoE series. Left click to select a unit. Right click to give it a destination or target. Drag a rectangle around multiple units to move a group.

Doubleclick a unit to select all units on the screen of the same type. Group them into formations or give them simple tasks e. Click a building to bring up a list of what can be built there. Recognition of the buildings might take some familiarization for experienced AoE players, because they’re all futuristic style’although there are a few details that might indicate their purpose.

For instance, the Empire’s airbase has a couple of those tie fighter solar panels laying up against an outer walls as if those slacker empire factory workers just leave them laying around like spare wagon wheels. In the AoE series you could pretty much tell what represents a stable. Finding the Troop Center in GB on the other hand at first may take some study. Better to learn the hot keys, and they’re mostly different too. CTRL-F will take you to the food centers.

Hint: Buildings for processing resources are color-coded Red for food, blue for carbon, green nova crystals and purple for ore.

The resources used for building are also changed. Instead of gathering wood from trees there’s carbon in the ground but sometimes there’s trees that give carbon too. For stone to build walls and such you gather ore. Nova crystals are like gold. Food is food and can be gathered from farms, fishing or from hunting or herding. Nerfs are one sheep-like creature available as a food source.

So with this game, it is possible to experience the insult Princess Leia once hurled at Han Solo and be a true “nerf herder. Multiplayer in the AoE game series is so stable and logical that there must not have been any need to change a thing between this game and its predecessors. Multiplayer worked well over our two-node home LAN. You can choose the number of open slots for human players and the number of computer controlled players.

Play a random set-up game or a multiplayer scenario you’ve devised yourself. You can choose from a multitude of starting set-up combinations, including team play and locking teams to prevent shifting alliances.

All of the multiplayer games that this family of Star Wars fans have played, the game has been stable and nimble. The only crash was probably the fault of one of the computers in use. Hint: Be careful; of the X at the top right. It will exit the game without warning. For internet play, Microsoft’s The Zone has an area devoted to the game and during one recent business day there were over players online.

Considering their association with movie makers, I’m sure you can imagine the standards that LucasArts has for visuals. This is nice looking game.

Units are crisp, colorful and easily distinguishable from one another. The soundtrack of the game is a high quality reproduction of all the famous John Williams Stars Wars compositions from the “Imperial March” that accompanies the appearance of Darth Vader to the haunting “Duel of Fates” from Episode I.

Audio cues for when a unit are built and other events like the death rattle sound when a farm is exhausted are much more than atmospheric. They are integral to game play.



Star Wars Galactic BattlegroundIt is the full game including the expansion back. All free. It works on PC including windows 10, and Mac using porting. Dec 24,  · Add Comment Full Version Games, Games Under 1GB, S, Strategy Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds (Video Game), Full Version, PC Game, Download Free Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. STAR WARS – Galactic Battlegrounds Saga Review. Unfortunately, professional review of the STAR WARS™ Galactic Battlegrounds Saga game .