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Fifa 07 download completo gratis para pc free


Fifa 07 download completo gratis para pc free



From the default panned-out camera view to the PES controls -as they’re known internally at EA, where everyone plays PES – the nods towards its arch-rival are clearly evident. Arguably the major advance however, is in the ball physics – something we’ve been banging on about for years. Amazingly, they’ve finally listened. Whereas previous games have been akin to kicking a bag of magnetic shit around the pitch, in 07 the ball behaves largely as you’d expect a leather sphere full of air to behave.

So instead of a set of predictable moves, you actually get a real, organic, live game of football, with the ball bouncing off players’ arses, getting hoofed off the goal-line and being scrambled round the penalty area while you buck wildly on your sofa.

While a few flicks and trick remain, much of the superfluous crap such as sending players on runs has been cut out, and success is largely down to playing decent football. As such, this is arguably the first FIFA game that makes you care about the result with the huge variety of goals being greeted by jubilant celebrations.

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