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Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Cheapest way to hook track up to PC? Posts Latest Activity Photos. Page of 2. Filtered by:. Previous 1 2 template Next. What’s the cheapest solution for hooking up a track to a PC in order to use b.

Can you make your own cable, and if so, how? I have experience in cable making. I’m sure this has been discussed tfeiber, but I can’t seem to locate the thread. If someone could point me to it or re-address it here that would be great. Tags: None. Comment Post Cancel. Great, Thanks! Making my carrera pc unit treiber download free seems a wee bit advanced for me, so I think I’ll have to get one from SlotFiend.

Looking back, I do not feel that this was a value. I recommend pursuing the other options. Then what? I’m new to the digital world and I have the same question. After purchasing the cable, is it required to get the lap counter to work with PC?

Or can I get the cable, and use b. You can connect unjt PC to a lap counter or to the new Control Unit. You can’t connect to a Black Box. If you plan on hooking up to a computer- I wouldn’t bother with the lap counter. Buy the new Control Unit instead.

You can hook it up to a PC, plus get the new features carrera pc unit treiber download free possibilities it provides. Originally posted by b. Originally posted by RaloTomassi View Post. And I have not looked at the details of your software, but do you include a way to control the speed of the cars thru software? Is the software only reading from the CU or does it send commands also?

/32012.txt know that I read on this site somewhere that the carreera can stop racing with the push of a button so I am wondering if any other track or car properties can be controlled. Last edited by b. But it is, I think, possible, to a limited extent, and I plan on adding the ability to set car max speed and brake values.

The fuel capacity doesn’t really have any bearing when cartera a CU. You can set a tank size, but if you are using an extended pit lane, the CU will teriber the same tank capacity for all carrera pc unit treiber download free.

The last tank capacity programmed using the ‘Fuel’ button on the CU will be the tank capacity for all cars. Ok, starting to understand now At the present carrera pc unit treiber download free, no.

The software will not be able to ‘read’ these values from a car, so they will have to be entered at some point- but that is all down the road. Is this included in your download or do I tfeiber to get doenload xlap software and download that first? Cp give an idea of what I would ultimately like to have or develop dowhload a way carrera pc unit treiber download free “penalize” drivers that de-slot or purposely crash into the backs of others or any other fun rule we come up with.

I would love to be able click a button on the PC and have a driver or all have its maximum speed reduced to n for x amount of seconds. Doownload you think that something like that soundmax audio drivers for 7 download free realistic based on what you’ve seen so far?

Ok, my questions are answered for now Sorry carrera pc unit treiber download free asking. I mean, is slotfiends cable just a – cable? The Carrera PC-Unit has some kind of black box located at the cable. Is there ANY difference in how to use it? But would it be frfe to consider the Pc-Unit in case a future x-lap update? Would such a update pf free to downlowd for existing x-lap user? Any one know all this? All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.